Thursday, April 30, 2015


A lot of times "discernment" can be a scary word. People talk about "discerning their calling" and that can be a really frightening, at least, it can be for me. However, over the past couple months, this word has come out of my mouth numerous times and it truly expresses where I currently am in my life. I graduate from college in less than a month. And I have been discerning what that means and what comes next. The "what comes next" is extremely intimidating for me. College was this perpetual place for me; a place that I love dearly and, for a while there, was not sure if I was ready to move away from.

In December I started thinking about what I am going to do after graduation. I have always wanted to take a year or two off before going to grad school. Plus, there are so many opportunities for recent graduates. My interest lies in social justice and the church, so I began looking into different internships/jobs/service years that incorporate this passion. I came across the Young Adult Service Corps (YASC), a program through the Episcopal Church that sends young adults "into the life of the worldwide Anglican Communion and into the daily work of a local community" (Young Adult Service Corps). 

In February, I was invited to a Discernment Weekend in New York with YASC. During this weekend, I met so many incredible people who have the same passion and desire to serve that I have. They encouraged me and challenged me. I learned more about YASC and the wonderful things are doing. At the end of the week my heart was so full and then the discernment truly came into play.

I spent the next week journaling, praying, and talking to family and friends. Luckily YASC, my friends, and my family set me up for an incredible discernment period. This whole time I was nervous about making the wrong decision but I learned through this process that God is in my decision and because of this there is no "wrong" decision. God will make it amazing no matter what. From this time discerning I knew that God is calling to do YASC. It is a step outside of my comfort zone and it's going to challenge me. But God will be there in the challenging moments, just as in my discernment. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

A Fear And A Dream: Part 2

This blog is entitled A Fear And A Dream referencing To Write Love On Her Arms's Fears vs Dreams campaign. This campaign encourages people to ask themselves, 'What's your biggest fear? What's your greatest dream?' (Fears vs. Dreams)

I added "Part 2" because this is my second time using that title for a blog. Around a year and a half ago I traveled to France to study abroad for my junior year of college. It was both a fear and a dream of mine, hence the title. It was a fear because I would be spending ten months away from my family and friends (the longest I'd ever been away) and I was traveling to a country where I was nowhere close to being fluent in the main language spoken (even after I lived there for ten months, I still am not good at French). But, it was also a dream. I had wanted to study abroad for basically my entire life. That dream was finally realized.

I resurrected the name because 1. I am not creative enough to come up with a new title! And 2. because this title still applies to what I am doing. This coming year I will be serving with the Young Adult Service Corps, an international program through the Episcopal Church. And when I discerned that this was where God was calling me, I was scared (if we're being honest here, I still am). Scared because I did not know where I would be sent. Scared because I have to raise $10,000. Scared because I would be spending a year away from my family and missing some very important events in my friends' lives. But it is still a dream. I want to use the gifts that God has given me to work with people who have gifts different than the ones I've been given. And I am so excited to be granted the opportunity to do this!