Monday, June 1, 2015

Wisdom Teeth and Jesus Taking the Wheel

I don’t consider myself a “control freak” but as I am approaching my imminent wisdom teeth removal I am beginning to rethink that label. Tomorrow I am getting three teeth surgically removed and I am dreading it. Why though? People have this done all the time. You can go on Youtube and watch videos of people still loopy after they had this surgery. So why does this terrify me? Theoretically (and I pray it’s the case), I won’t feel a thing. I have tattoos and piercings that were probably more uncomfortable to receive. But, I realized, I was in control of those situations. Sure someone else was holding the needle, but I was saying what I wanted, where I wanted it, and, ultimately, I could stop the whole process if I wanted to. I was in control.  

I understand that labels do not truly matter but as I was hashing all these thoughts out, I asked myself “how does faith play into this?” Now, not necessarily how it plays into my wisdom teeth removal (though I am putting A LOT of faith in those doctors), but how does faith and this want for control work together? I know that as human beings this is something we struggle with. Why else would there be some many references to “Jesus taking the wheel?” We all want control but the beauty of faith is that we don’t need to be in control. We have a loving God who is always beside us, before us, within us. To continue the cliche and slightly annoying metaphor, we just have to ask God to take the wheel. This is obviously something that I am not good at. But God knows that. In Jeremiah Gad says, “for I know the plans I have for you….” I feel like that God is talking directly to me through that verse. God KNOWS the plans that God has for me, plans that give me hope and a future. So I can work on relinquishing control.

Maybe I am a “control freak.” And this is definitely something I’m challenging myself on. But I can rest easy tonight knowing that God has a plan for the loss of my wisdom tomorrow. But please still pray for me! Cause even though I know God’s got this, having teeth surgically removed still terrifies me!

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